On the plaque, we read the year 1864, this must be the date on which the house was built in the first version by Mr.. Moncharmont Claude and his wife Louise Pinard. After their death (respectively in 1877 and 1869) the house was owned by their sole heir: Mr.. Philibert Moncharmont who married Marie Nectoux. This Philibert was mayor of the village and at that time the house was used as official residence. Philibert Moncharmont died in 1913. He had two daughters, Alice and Marie.
Alice married lieutenant George Gustave Paquis and went living on Theursot. Marie married Léon Dunoyer and lived also Theursot, but after a few years they moved to the nearby town of Autun.
Alice got a child: Marie Bernard Philibert, who, after the death of his parents, used the house as a second home, because he was a Paris-based doctor. He married Andrée Louise Renée Bourgue and they had two sons: Dominique and Yves. Yves married Anne-Marie Ginhac and lives in Paris and Dominique lives in Maisons Laffitte with his wife Sophie Seilhan.
It’s not clear how they used the house. In the 80s the now elderly Louise still attended in the house, but she had no money to take care of the house. People from the village were helping her.
There are stories that in the Second World war Germans occupied Theursot and used the parquet floor to warm themselves.
It is also told that the family fortune had vaporized and that Dominique and Yves sold stuff from the house to raise money. So some marble fireplaces and an antique parquet floor disappeared . The house was getting more and more in disrepair and became a storage place of unused family goods. After the death of Louise it was completely abandon and impoverished.
The town council saw this with sorrow and made an offer for the house to save it from an complete decay. They wanted to preserve the house for the village. The family Paquis sold the house to the town council. This happened in 1991
The mayor wanted to turn the house into a hotel or retirement house, but did not have the budget to do this. Before he could realize his plans he died and the new mayor felt that a hotel did not belong to his tasks and put the property for sale. The year is 2002.