Welcome to Manor Theursot
Staying in a 19th century country house
Stylish and tastefully renovated
Close to a small French village
Located on a 6 ha site
For a walk
Relax under an ancient oak tree
Cool off in the pool
Enjoy a delicious breakfast
The Montcharmont Room with views of the village and hills
The Philibert room from where you look out over the grounds
The Paquis room a large ensuite room
The Dunoyer Room is an atmospheric, especially cool room in summer
A characteristic veranda
The guest salon to enjoy the evenings
The library for a good book
The kitchenette for coffee, tea or a drink
The multifunctional attic
The garden pavilion with greenhouse
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Maison d'hôtes

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Kamer Moncharmont


Room 1

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theursot philibert


Room 2

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theursot paquis


Room 3

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theursot dunoyer


Room 4

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theursot pavilion


garden house

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